MaREC Membership:

Details on MaREC membership are given in chapter VI of Magnesium REACH Consortium Agreement at page 20.

Those interested in MaREC membership are requested to download and print out the application form, fill it in properly and return a signed copy by fax to EFM: +49-(0)7361-927432.

Upon receipt of the application form applicants will be invited to attend the subsequent General Assembly Meeting where they are asked to present their companies involvement in Magnesium industry. After that MaREC members present will vote on approval of the new member.

If an applicant is not present voting cannot take place. It has to be postponed until next General Assembly meeting.

According to the Consortium Agreement unanimous decision is necessary otherwise the applicant is not accepted as a new MaREC member. In this case a Letter of Access to the registration dossier data set against adeqate payment will be offered to the refused applicant.